One of my favorite things about the Beartrap Summer Festival is the dogs. I love the music and the food, but I think this festival is for dogs. The thing is I'm not alone. As I talk to people and take photos, they say the same thing: everyone lives the dogs of Beartrap Summer Festival.

This year we even have a few vendors specifically for the pups. Sit Mean Sit returns this year. You can get info on training or get some treats. Plus, we have a bakery just for our four-legged friends. The Unleashed Dog Bakery has its unique variety of treats. They look so good, I might have to try some.

We have all kinds of dogs at Beartrap. Mutts, beagles, golden retrievers, bulldogs, poodles, and german shepherds all stroll the meadow. It is a glorious dog day of summer. Wait, and there is one cat, too. Yep, let's introduce the kitten of the Beartrap Summer Festival.

The Most Adorable Dogs Can Be Found at Beartrap 2022

We love dogs. Whether they are our own pups or someone else's dog, we love all four-legged creatures. Heck, we even had one kitten spotted here at Beartrap 2022. We don't judge.

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