I have a simple request. If you have a drone, please stop taking video of our moose with it. Thanks.

If you notice the title of the video above, you'll notice it's called "THIS MOOSE HATE MY DRONE!!". Yes, the moose hates your drone because you're not supposed to be getting near wildlife with it.

It's not just this couple who have done this. Another guy did this in Wyoming a couple months ago. He's smartly set his video where I can't embed it here, but you can still go to his YouTube channel and see it for yourself.

It's a worldwide problem. This Norway person decided it would be a good idea to zoom in on a family of moose with their drone.

We have no jurisdiction in Norway, but remember it's illegal to scout for wildlife with drones in Wyoming from August 1 through January 31. Common sense will also tell you that harassing wildlife will get you on the bad side of all of us that love wild Wyoming. So, if you're an offender, please stop. Thanks.

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