Drone technology has come a long way as far as their size and what exactly they are used for in recent years. But recently there have been some mysterious drones flying over parts of Colorado that have government agencies baffled as far as what they are doing.

As many as 17 drones have been spotted over the skies of Colorado in recent months and no one knows exactly what they are doing. They fly over some towns and sometimes are spotted over empty plots of land.

According to a recent article on Digg.com, they don't seem to be doing anything illegal or wrong except for flying at night with no pilots in sight.

And they seem to come out between 7 pm-10 pm. So my main question is, what exactly are they doing flying over Colorado? Are they planning something? Or is it something as small as the pilots are just looking for something during the night? No one has any idea but I'm super curious as to what is going on.

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