Some people who play an on-line game in which players Gotta Catch 'Em All, are causing a few problems in the real world.

A number of downtown Casper businesses are raising issues that Pokemon Go players are trespassing, causing property damage, staying out past curfew if they're a minor, leaving litter behind in various locations and are relieving themselves in areas where they shouldn't be.

Detective John Hatcher with the Casper Police Department, says it's good that people are getting out and about, but there are a few that are spoiling the fun for everyone else.

"Be respectful for everyone out there. Still enjoy this game, enjoy having the fun with everyone and the communication, but be mindful of the business owners downtown, that when businesses close, the damages that they could be causing to the property."

The Pokemon Go app was released back in July, and it has become one of the more popular apps.

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