There are plenty of things for Wyoming to proud of... and we can add one more to the list.

According to tech and science website Inverse, Wyoming needs the least amount of help in the entire Union when it comes to playing Pokemon GO. Apparently, we have achieved the level of Pokemaster (whatever that means).

The States looking For The Most Help With Pokemon GO

I am a Wyoming native and have lived here for the past 13+ years, so being the best on this list is admirable. However, I spent most of my younger years in Michigan, so you can imagine my dismay when I noticed they landed dead last, receiving the abysmal rank of Clueless.

The main points of (false) speculation and accusation as to why the Cowboy State ranked so high were mostly based around our small population and the lack of other things to do here, but the truth of the matter was much easier to track using Google search data. Here are the main factors:

  1. Where to catch Pokemon
  2. How to throw a Pokeball
  3. How to catch Pokemon
  4. What is a Pokestop
  5. What is Pokemon Go

Hate all you want America. The truth is, Wyoming is just better than you... at most things!


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