With all of the news about wildlife and wildlife encounters in Yellowstone, we sometimes forget about some of the incredible opportunities to see wildlife right in our own backyard.

It is that time of year when we can expect to see all of the ungulate youngsters born. From deer fawns to elk calves to the pronghorn fawns, the first part of June is generally the time for these mothers to give birth.

The other day we were golfing at the Casper Municipal Golf Course when we saw this mother just after giving birth to twins adjacent to the fairway off the third hole on the Park course. It is quite common for a pronghorn to give birth to twins as it happens in about 70% of all births. We came upon this new mother and babies just minutes after birth and stopped to take a few pictures.

I would remind and caution anyone coming upon a similar sight to keep their distance and do not handle newborn animals as they are born nearly scentless and that is their only defense against predators. If you find a young one alone, best to call Wyoming Game and Fish so that they can look into it.

We also ran into another mother and fawn on the Highlands course and it made a great day to showcase Wyoming's wildlife for family who were joining us from Florida, California and Iowa as it became a round of golf they will not soon forget.

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