Funny or Die has marked the passing of Tommy Ramone, last surviving member of seminal punk rockers the Ramones, with a humorous new video depicting their arrival in heaven.

It seems management is already getting complaints about their behavior. "Peace and happiness, that's kind of heaven's brand," reminds a male angel, portrayed by Dave Foley. "Some of your Ramones-type antics are disturbing the other visitors," a female angel (played by Traci Lords) adds.

Seems Dee Dee's glue sniffing as gotten him into trouble, in particular because he's stealing it from Thomas Edison. "He needs that glue," Foley's angel reminds, "for his inventions. We don't know why he keeps inventing things, but it makes him happy." Then there's the on-going threats to Heaven High, a scene designed to recreate a favorite setting for many of heaven's inhabitants. "You can't blow up the high school -- seriously, guys," Foley adds. "That's a deal breaker. Understood?"

Dee Dee died in 2002, the same year the Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Joey preceded him in death in 2001; Johnny followed in 2004. Foley, meanwhile, is best known for his work on Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio. Lords, a former adult-film star, has more recently been a regular in John Waters films. ‘The Ramones Go to Heaven’ was written and directed by Jake Fogelnest.

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