As you're probably well aware, I collect old video game systems and games, especially for the old 8-bit Nintendo (NES). Looking at a pricing guide, I found out that several games have gone up in price dramatically now that retro gaming is becoming kind of popular. Much like the guy on Hollywood Collector can assess how much your movie props are worth, I can tell you how much video game stuff is worth to a collector. If you happen to have some old NES games laying around in a box somewhere in the attic or have some stashed away that you were just planning on putting in a yard sale, see if you have any of these. Putting them on eBay (or, better yet, selling them to me directly) can bring in more than just a buck or two.

Many of these are late releases in the world of Nintendo. Since the Super Nintendo (SNES) was released in 1991, many of the NES games released in 91, 92, 93 or even the small handful in 94 were often passed up and shipped in limited supply. Here are a few Nintendo games that looks like they'd blend in with the rest of them, but are worth big money.

These prices are if they're loose. As in, just the game, no box or instruction manual. If you have those, the prices will go up significantly.

Rescue Rangers 2

Value: $91

The first Rescue Rangers game is easy to get a hold of, but it's sequel is much harder to find. One of them sold in an eBay auction for just over $100 recently.

Duck Tales 2

Value: $98.01

Like Rescue Rangers 2, the sequel to Duck Tales is worth a little more and is still a great game. Congrats if you have fun title!

Bonk's Adventure

Value: $168.51

Bonk's Adventure was also made for the TurboGrafx-16 system to be used as the TurboGrafx mascot, but a version was also released for the Nintendo. The one for the TG-16 can go for about $10-$15 while the Nintendo version can get as high as $250-$300 on eBay.

Zombie Nation

Value: $182.52

This is one game I have in my collection. Such a weird game as you're a floating head shooting bad guys. Glad I still have it - it's a hard one to find!

Panic Restaurant

Value: $201.50

I remember renting this game from Crazy Mike's Video on Nob Hill back in the day. It's your typical, fun platformer-style game where you play a chef using your frying pan as a weapon. Definitely a nice find for any collection and goes to good money to the right buyer.

Bubble Bobble part 2

Value: $209.89

Bubble Bobble is one of my favorite games of all time. They made a much-lesser known sequel called Bubble Bobble part 2. Don't be fooled by Bubble Bobble 2 (without the part) as that's often referred to Rainbow Islands (a Bubble Bobble-type game). Same idea as before. Cute dinosaurs blowing bubble to trap their enemies and collect items. Best when played with two players at the same time. I saw this title once for $50. I wish I would've bought it because now it's worth well over that.

Little Sampson

Value: $348

This is another title I remember renting at Crazy Mike's Video. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but for some reason it's going for well over $300, no matter where you find it! If you have this one, congrats! It's one I wish I could add to my collection, just I'll never pay that price for it.

The Flintstones: Surprise at Dino Peak

Value: $510

Yes, there is a game for the Nintendo that is valued at over $500. That's the price of an Xbox 360 AND PlayStation 3 combined. The reason this one is so rare is because it was made to be a rental, not so much for sale. As many video stores started to sell off their NES games to replace them in favor of new game system releases like Nintendo 64 and PlayStation, a few have gotten their hands on this title and, if they do, they're in good shape. The value of this is rising super-fast.

There are other rare Nintendo games as well, but I thought I'd showcase those ones. If you have any questions on the rarity of any of the games you own or, again, if you have some NES games stashed away somewhere that you're wanting to get rid of, let me know and I can assess what you have. It'd be my pleasure. Just email me.

What was your favorite Nintendo game?