Although the Kinks have had plenty of success around the world during their long career, they have perpetually been saddled with the tag of being a "quintessentially English" band. In a new interview, frontman Ray Davies admitted that it's been a bit of a burden.

“I feel people call me that when they have nothing to say,” he told Ham & High. "I think it’s because I’ve always sung in an English accent. Not mentioning any names, but there are a lot of big artists who sing in this kind of transatlantic drawl."

Davies said that even his record companies have had issues with his vocal stylings, even though they haven't affected his commercial prospects at all, adding, "Back when the Kinks were recording 'Come Dancing,' which was a big hit in the States, the record company actually asked me to sing it in more of an American accent. I just refused.”

Still, Davies is about to play that most English of institutions, Hyde Park, on July 12. The concert recently received a blow when headliner Elton John was forced to cancel due to appendicitis. However, the show, which includes Elvis Costello, will go on as planned.

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