I did this earlier today and you're gonna love it.

Sony’s giving users a chance to perform a remix of the classic “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan, and whoever does the best job of re-creating the song wins a trip to attend South by Southwest in Austin this March.

Each of Dylan’s recorded tracks are separated for your mixing pleasure. Individual Dylan vocals, drums, electric guitar and bass lines, along with dozens of other tracks performed by various artists, can all be mixed together for a unique result.

This is tons of fun. Once you get the hang of it, it feels like you’re actually creating a new piece of music.

The Remix Project Flash app allows more talented users to record their own musical tracks to add to the mix. It gets really interesting when you take a look at the remixes people have already created — these are sorted on the site using a filter for most recent or most watched, along with an offer to search for a username.

Sony's judges will decide which remixes are the best and the company will announce the top 10 remixes on January 24 on its Facebook Page. Visitors to Sony’s Facebook Page are being invited to vote for their favorite Remixes. I'm interested to know exactly how many judges will be voting. Is it two dudes throwing darts at a board, or are we talking about a company-wide poll?

This is a great piece of marketing from Sony, shining the light on the brand without forcing the issue. Heck, they've even convinced me to advertise for them... for free.

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