Two Casper residents were arrested early Thursday after a report of a fight led responding officers to allegedly find methamphetamine and paraphernalia inside a home.

Christopher Deshawn Young-Jones, 33, was booked into jail on a recommended charge of meth possession as a third or subsequent offense, which would be a felony. Sarah Sjol, 30, was arrested on a simple meth possession charge.

Charging papers say police officers were dispatched to a home on North Grant Street at 6:45 a.m. Thursday for a report of a family fight. The woman who called police said a man was beating a woman inside a house.

The woman who called was unable to provide an address, but described the house.

The first officer to arrive in the area walked toward a house fitting that description, and from the sidewalk, the officer could hear a man yelling very loudly.

The officer was able to determine which door the yelling was coming from, and was then able to hear a female voice screaming and crying. The officer could also hear what sounded like property being thrown around, or a physical fight.

Believing the female was in serious physical danger, the officer identified himself loudly as a police officer and kicked in the door.

The officer then saw Sjol sitting and crying on the bed, with Young-Jones standing over her. The officer calmly ordered Young-Jones to put his hands up and come outside, court documents say.

Young-Jones put his hands up and walked toward the door, then stopped and refused to exit the house.

While standing in what police described as a "bladed stance," Young-Jones apparently started looking for a place to run, and started to back away. The officer continued to order Young-Jones out of the house, but Young-Jones refused.

The officer then began to forcibly pull Young-Jones from the home, but Young-Jones grabbed the door jam. At that time, a second officer showed up and helped pull Young-Jones outside.

The second officer saw a sheathed knife on Young-Jones' right hip, so the officers took Young-Jones to the ground and handcuffed him.

While pulling Young-Jones out o the house, Sjol reportedly started screaming at the officers. They had to yell at her to get back several times while trying to control Young-Jones.

After taking Young-Jones into custody, one officer went into the home while another spoke with Sjol.

Sjol was reportedly difficult to understand, changing topics several times and continuing to bring up previous incidents without explaining their relation to the event at hand.

Meanwhile, the officer inside the home found several pieces of drug paraphernalia in plain view. Sjol allegedly said all of the paraphernalia belonged to one of Young-Jones' friends.

Police spoke with Young-Jones, who reportedly said he got angry with Sjol when he found the drug paraphernalia in the home. He believed she was having people over and using drugs with them.

Young-Jones claimed he was collecting the drug paraphernalia to dispose of it, when officers arrived. He denied owning any of the items, "even those found on his person and in his wallet," court documents say. However, Young-Jones allegedly admitted to using methamphetamine the previous day.

Both Young-Jones and Sjol allowed officers to search the house, according to the affidavit.

Police allegedly found less than two grams of methamphetamine in searching both the home and Young-Jones.

Sjol and Young-Jones will likely make their initial appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Friday.

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