No, Richard Linklater isn't really taking a peaceful stroll in the woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte to wax existentially about the environmental crisis and how it pertains to the human experience (we wish) -- 'A Walk in the Woods' is the name of Linklater's latest project, with Redford and Nolte attached.

The LA Times reports that after trying for about a decade to adapt Bill Bryson's memoir 'A Walk in the Woods,' Robert Redford is finally making some progress. The actor and sometimes director is producing the project and has signed Richard Linklater to helm the film, in which Redford and Nick Nolte will star with a script by Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russo. Linklater's latest film, 'Before Midnight,' hits theaters in May.

Redford take the lead as author Bill Bryson, while Nolte will play opposite as his friend Stephen Katz. The story follows two lifelong friends who decide to walk the Appalachian trail together, and while they don't necessarily succeed in completing their task, the pair have plenty of lively and insightful discussions along the way. 'A Walk in the Woods' is said to be a comedic travel story, and we're pretty stoked to watch Redford and Nolte walk around in the woods for a couple of hours, sharing canteens and clever thoughts.

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