The Riverton Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating a social media post which threatened a shooting at Riverton High School.

Riverton Police Chief Eric Murphy said on his department's Facebook page Friday that extra officers have been placed at local schools. He described the threat as "vague at best," but said his department is trying to locate a suspect and ensure the safety of students and staff.

"Normally we do not release information on an ongoing investigation however I am approaching this as a parent as much as the Chief of Police and I feel parents of our children need to know," Murphy wrote. "I would want to know as a parent."

Murphy says the threat to "shoot up" Riverton High School on May 15 came across an unknown Instagram account.

"The challenge is responding to this appropriately and putting the safety of the children first without causing panic," Murphy wrote. "I will keep everyone updated as the investigation continues.

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