The 15,200 acre Sheep Herder Fire burning on Casper Mountain has been a tough challenge for fire fighters trying to get a handle on the blaze.Earlier today the Rocky Mountain Incident Team took over the efforts moving forward. Strong winds and rough terrain are hampering the efforts on the ground. There is a DC-10 battling the fire from the air, along with Blackhawk helicopters, some other light helicopters and smaller planes helping the DC-10 with their fire bombing efforts. Everytime the DC-10 makes a drop it costs 11,000 plus dollars.

This has been a busy firefighting summer for the Rocky Mountain Incident Team who helped out with the Alpine Lake Fire, The Guernsey State Park Fire and the wildfires that scorched Colorado earlier this summer too.

The late evening rainfall has not helped with the efforts and only time will tell how much ground fire crews will be able gain on this fire that continues to burn in our backyard. The 15,200 acres already burned is equal to 23.8 square miles compared to the City of Casper being only 28.8 square miles in size. That's pretty big.


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