Sam needs your help, Casper.

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A good Samaritan (did you know that Samaritan is capitalized? We didn't until just now) in Casper posted to Casper Classifieds that they found a box of Stuffies (that's stuffed animals for those who aren't Millennials or Gen Z or those trying to sound cool by sounding like Millennials or Gen Z) on Outer Drive/Wyoming Boulevard.

According to the post, written by a man named Eric Freeman, "We were on Outer Drive tonight and saw someone lost a box of stuffed animals all over the road on the westbound lane. Get in touch. We can get them back to you."

The box of Stuffies was labeled, tragically, 'Sam's Stuffed Frogs and Blankets' and now we will not rest until Sam gets his Stuffies back.

The post was posted about 14 hours ago from the time of this writing, so hopefully Sam's family wasn't moving out of town.

If not, they have the opportunity to pick up Sam's frogs, blankets, and all of their other Stuffies from this kind-hearted Casperite.

If you are Sam, or if you know Sam, or if you know somebody who might know Sam, or if you have any way at all to get precious Sam their even more precious Stuffies back, you can message Eric on his Facebook page. 

This is one of those times that Casper is made for. This town has done some incredible things for its fellow residents, including offering free meals to those in need, raising more than $1 million for the family of a fallen Wyoming Marine, adopting special needs children from Ukraine, and so much more. This is just another opportunity for Casper to make a miracle happen. Because that's what Casper does.

We make miracles.

The timeline of this event is proof of that. Freeman, presumably, was simply driving along Outer Drive when he saw a myriad of these stuffed animals strewn about the road. He could have just kept driving. Most people did. But not him. He parked, got out of his car, and dutifully picked up as many of Sam's Stuffies as he could. He also picked up the box. We're not sure if he got all of them, but he did get the one that resembles a frog.

So Sam, or Sam's parents: If you're reading this, get in touch with Eric Freeman. He'll reunite you with your Stuffies and all will be right with the world.

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