We can all agree that 2020 has not been the best of years, but this video of a teenage boy returning a lost wallet gives us hope for the future.

A video has once again started making it's rounds on social media showing a teenager returning a wallet, which contained over $1500 in cash, to his neighbor. The video was shared to Twitter by Zero Gravity Media along with a caption that read:

Good kid spots neighbors dropped wallet in driveway. returns it.

After doing some research, I found out the incident initially took place in Sacramento, California, back in September 2017. The teen's name is Tyler Opdyke. He had spotted the wallet in the driveway, picked it up and set it under his neighbor's doormat after they didn't answer the door. You can see Opdyke showing his intentions on their porch camera.

The wife of the wallet's owner, Melissa Vang, was actually home when Tyler rang the doorbell. She didn't recognize the boy from the camera footage, so she was reluctant to open the door. Vang said she later felt guilty for her actions. So much so, that she gave Opdyke a $150 reward.

Some of us older folk (especially those of us that are parents), get discouraged at times by "Generation Alpha", but this young man's kindness definitely restores our hope in the humanity.

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