It’s hard to imagine ‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or any of the other ‘Got Talent’s’ without dancing or music or ladies, but apparently such a thing is possible, at least in the Saudi city of Buraidah.

We know what you’re thinking –  if people can’t sing and dance what talents could they possibly have? Well, contestants on ‘Buraidah’s Got Talent’ will be able to recite poems, chant religious texts, and do sports, competitively. So maybe, the talent is being able to memorize the longest passage? It’s not really for us to decide, that’s more of a job for the three judges — a poet, a television producer, and a TV presenter.

We know it doesn’t sound like much of a party, but maybe they’re just doing their part to make sure reality shows don’t create anymore terrible music than they already have. Oh, insanely conservative Islam, you always have everyone’s best interests at heart.

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