The popular TV show 'Yellowstone' is back on Paramount Network after nearly a year and a half. This Kevin Costner lead show has dominated since it first aired back in June of 2018.

There is an obvious appeal to everyone in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho because of the location of the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch. Stores sell t-shirts, cups and other items with the Yellowstone Ranch brand all over the country. It reminds me of when the Orange County Chopper or Duck Dynasty craze swept the nation.

Even though the show highlights the states of Montana and Wyoming, it's not always in a good light though. Corruption, crooked politicians, murder, kidnapping and trips to the "Train Station".

If you're not familiar with the "Train Station", it's a place where the Yellowstone Ranch crew will take the bodies of those that were killed and dump them off cliff into a deep canyon. When they make that trip, they cross into Wyoming and in season 3 episode 9, Lloyd (played by Forrie J. Smith) explains to Walker (played by Ryan Bingham) why the bodies are dumped there. He says that:

no one lives within 100 miles, it's a county with no people, no sheriff and no twelve juror of your peers.


They never really explain how far they drive, but the interesting facts are

There is no county in Wyoming without a sheriff

The least populated county in Wyoming is Niobrara County with 2,422 people and is nowhere near the state line. Park County is home to over 29,000 and Big Horn County is home to 11,500 people both of those counties are on the state line and within a short driving distance to where the ranch is supposed to be located.

From the information given about towns and locations, I'm guessing the location of the ranch to be Southeast of Livingston, MT. A short drive down backroads would get you into Wyoming within an hour to make the drop at the "train station".

The best part about shows like Yellowstone is speculating. I spent way too much time trying to figure out the details of an imaginary place, but that's part of the appeal.

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