If you've been around Wyoming, it's not hard to imagine what the state was like during the 1800's when the first American's explored the territory. A vast wide open, rich area with a huge number of precious metals, minerals and some of the worlds amazing sights.

Wyoming's history is fascinating and began thousands of years before it became an official state in 1890. Within the state boundaries is the nations first National Park Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, 6 National Forests, remnants of Dinosaurs, markings and relics from thousands of years of the Plains Indians and stories past down from generation to generation all make up the history of the 44th state of the United States of America.

Living in Wyoming is like living in the worlds best living history book that never ends. Even if you studied the state every day for your entire life, you still couldn't learn all there is to know.

When moving here, one of the first things person sees is the Bucking Horse & Rider... Literally everywhere you look, you can't miss seeing it. Signs, flags, shirts, hats and every Wyoming license plate in the state. Not only do you see the bucking horse & rider on the license plates, you see a number that associates the vehicle to the county where it's from.

When the Wyoming Territory was organized in the late 1860's it was made up of 4 counties; Laramie, Carter, Albany and Carbon. One year later Uinta County was organized and became the 5th original county. Carter County was later changed to what we know as Sweetwater county and by 1923 the original 5 had been divided to make up 23 different counties.

Even though Laramie County was the first county and is still the most populated county, it doesn't hold the label of the #1 county in the state. Many people think the number is based on population size, and if that were the case, Laramie would have the #1. Prior to 1930 the state assessed the value of property within the county borders to determine the number the county was given and in 1930 they began putting the number on the license plates of vehicles in that county.

Here is your chance to explore the 23 counties in the great state of Wyoming.

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