Months ago, we saw the care home staff in Wales that created a version of "hungry hippos" the residents could play against each other, while also implementing social distancing. Quite unironically, it looked like a ball.

Now, a nursing home in Canada is showcasing a plethora of clever and touching quarantine-approved methods they have found to keep residents active, safe, and above all, happy.

The Wikwemikong Nursing Home in Ontario is a First Nation residency that provides "holistic quality care in a home-like atmosphere where each Elder is honoured, respected, and cared for". A casual visit to their Facebook page proves this to be absolutely true.

I came across the WNH because of their recent viral activity: residents nerf-hunting the staff. Caregivers are dressed up like deer or - cows? - and hide behind Christmas trees, dodging, and sometimes naively helping, residents perfect their nerf gun skills.

a nursing home resident squints and takes careful aim with his nerf gun
Facebook - Wikwemikong Nursing Home

It's simple, it's clever, but more than that, it is hilarious and heartwarming all at once. The photos below tell all.

Among treating residents to the fun of target practice on their staff, the Wikwemikong Home activities have included a Ladies Day for the women residents, a special treat on National Fast Food Day, plenty of crafts, and lip-sync battles, as some examples. They even play games of Wheel of Fortune against other care homes - via video call, of course.

Care home residency can be a difficult decision and this year, it can be especially nerve-wracking to know you have a loved one separated from you. But places like Wikwemikong exist to both ease your concerns and make the lives of their residents exceptional. I follow their Facebook page now, despite not leaving anywhere near Ontario nor having anyone in their residency, but because I need to see their actions of kindness and happiness throughout my week. We all could use a little of that.

For a good head start, see below.

See these nursing home residents living a great life

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