When we heard about ‘The Simpsons’ Ultimate Fan Marathon Challenge, in which ‘Simpsons’ fanatics would compete to see who could watch all 500 episodes of Springfield’s finest in a row, we said it couldn’t be done. Eighty-six hours and 37 minutes of continuous TV watching without any sleep just seemed too much for any human to endure, even though ‘Simpsons’ fans are made of strong stuff (and also beer and doughnuts).

It turns out we were wrong.

California residents Jeremiah Franco, 22, and Carin Shreve, 33, both made it through the marathon, which was timed with the airing of the 500th ‘Simpsons’ episode at its regular time this Sunday February 19th.  In fact, Fox extended the marathon an extra thirty seven minute, in hopes of breaking the tie. But when neither relented, they were each award the price of $10,500.

Not surprisingly, both Franco and Shreve are huge ‘Simpsons’ fans. (And they used huge amounts of caffeine to keep them awake.) For the most part they said their prize-winning, record-breaking viewing stint was an enjoyable one. After it was done, Shreve even watched more episodes in her hotel room before getting some long-awaited shuteye.

Although, both contenders did concede that there was quite a funky smell in the room during the competition. Which is bound to happen when what tons of TV geeks give up on bathing for Guinness immortality.

[via EW.com]

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