If you're a tourist planning to visit the great state of Wyoming this summer, you'll find the locals to be friendly and inviting. You'll also enjoy our beautiful National Parks and our many historical sites. And hopefully a snake won't bite you during your stay.

In fact, there are fourteen different species of snakes slithering all over the Cowboy State, just waiting to attack tourists. But don't worry, most of them won't kill you. Sure, a bullsnake, eastern yellow-bellied racer, plains hog-nosed snake or plains black-headed snake might bite you, but they're not venomous.

And, on the odd chance you are bitten by a prairie rattlesnake or one of the midget faded rattlesnakes that inhabits the southern part of the state, relax. You'll only be a few hours away from the closest hospital.

Indeed, Wyoming is a wonderful playground for tourists in the summer. Just watch out for snakes.



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