Spring is upon us, but unfortunately we are still dealing with Covid-19 restrictions. Luckily we have partnered with Greiner Ford, Powered by Lithia to give you a chance to win your own 'Spring Fake Break'.

Since the global Covid-19 pandemic took off in 2020, life just hasn't been the same. Traveling and even hanging with family and friends has become difficult. We still want you to have a great spring break, even if it means you are not going anywhere. Enter below for a chance at $500, to spend however you want. Here are some ideas:

  • Buy a bunch of sand and make your own beach
  • Buy a bunch of adult slushies (if you are over 21 of course)
  • Fill up your gas tank for a weekend roadtrip
  • Buy a bunch of spray tans to get that 'spring break' look
  • Buy a large beach background to chill in front of while listening to ocean sounds

The possibilities are endless. Good luck from Greiner Ford, Powered by Lithia.

*Contest runs now until Sunday, March 28th at midnight*

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