We all know that Starbucks is always trying to up their coffee game, whether it be through a new unicorn frappuccino or some other crazy method. They may have just topped themselves this V-day.

Based on your Zodiac sign they have a drink that they believe will align perfectly with you. Thrillist is always on top of the new and latest trends going on around the world so it's no surprise that it was one of the top stories on their page this morning.


However, I have to disagree with their choice for us Cancers. Being the coffee consumer that I am I have hardly ever ordered myself a honey citrus mint tea. I worked at a local Starbucks for a year or two and not once did I ever make myself a tea unless I was feeling a little under the weather.

Take a look at their list and let me know if that drink is pretty close to your usual order.

Starbucks Twitter account Approved via ticket
Starbucks Twitter account
Approved via ticket submission

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