Wallethub recently came out with a study stating what the real cost of smoking in the cowboy state is and I've got to say it carries quite the price tag.

Wyoming ranks number 9 on the list of how expensive it is to smoke in every state. Which comes out to $1.3 million per year for our state alone. That's a lot of cheddar.

But if you are a smoker then you should really consider that on average you are spending $92,000. I mean that's almost a paying for a house in cash! Why not save that money

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Now I would never tell you how you should spend your money or that you should quit doing something. But I recently quit smoking myself and I can tell you that I've got more money in the good old' bank account and I'm surely not missing freezing my tooshie off going out for multiple smoke breaks throughout the day.

If you need a boost to quit smoking take a deeper look into what it costs you every year or better yet over a lifetime

Source: WalletHub

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