Who knew that pizza could cost so darn much?! It seems a little ridiculous that we ranked #2 for the priciest pizza in the entire country. On average, we pay $13 for a single pie!

According to the folks over at Thrillist, Wyoming was ranked as the #2 slot coming in right behind North Dakota for the most expensive pizza. Absolutely mind-blowing, I know!

It's about the only list that you will see both Wyoming & New York in the top ten together. But yes, we did beat them in this category. The average pizza there costs about $12.50 where we pay around $13... Absolutely ridiculous.

However, despite this being utterly unacceptable it's not going to stop me from going home tonight and throwing a pizza in the oven for dinner. $13 dollars or not you can't get much better than pizza for dinner plans, can you?

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