WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: You have to see it to believe it. But even when you see it you'll wonder if it was faked.

It's not fake.

Golfer Jon Rahm was making his fourth career start at The Masters in Augusta, GA. He got off to an impressive start.

On Tuesday he was at the teebox of the Par 3 16th hole. He swings, hits it wrong, the ball is flying very low. The ball skips the water several times like a stone. Amazingly, the ball makes it to the shore on the other side, then up on to the green.

That would have been impressive enough but that ball is not done surprising everyone.

The ball keeps rolling and makes a long turn to the right, sweeping around toward the hole.

But there is no way it will actually get near the hole, right?

Not just near, but it continues its curve and in it goes.

This has to be the most impressive golf shot in the history of golf.

What might be even more impressive is that this was just the most impressive of his two holes-in-one that day. That's right, Rahm scored another hole in one later that day.

No pressure here. These are just the practice rounds. Officially the Augusta Nationals  will not be played until this Sunday. Lets hope he did not use all of his luck up before it counted.

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