Basic mamas everywhere rejoice (and yes I definitely include myself in this category), a NEW limited edition Starbucks drink has arrived in Casper!

If I could have gotten away with a triple exclamation point after that sentance I would have.

Nothing screams Summer quite like tie-dye and Starbucks is embracing this vintage trend in it's limited edition drink.

Starbucks announced the event via an early morning post on Twitter yesterday.

It looks beautiful...but what does it taste like?

According to this article, the tropical fruit-flavored drink is made with red beet, blue spirulina, and golden yellow turmeric. The perfectly swirled vanilla whipped cream is dusted with a tri-colored powder that will make Instagram influencers everywhere swoon.

Those of us that have lived in Wyoming for any length of time know that just because the internet says it's happening, doesn't mean it's happening HERE.

I called up our local Starbucks barista and asked her if the rumors are true.

She said that yes indeed, Tie-Dye Frappuccinos are available here in Casper.

She mentioned that they SHOULD have enough product to create this drink until the 14th of July.

That being said it's all about supply and you better not put off this opportunity to treat yourself too long.

In a direct quote she stated, "If you liked the unicorn drink, you'll love this one!"

Because we just couldn't wait my posse and I hit the Starbucks on Center and tried it's what happened.

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