Steven Tyler's solo album isn't the only upcoming project he's got in the works.

The Aerosmith singer also appears in Happy Birthday, a new horror thriller from director Casey Tebo. Due out Sept. 9, the movie looks at the quick unraveling of a trip to Mexico gone horribly wrong.

"When Brady Baxter finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him, his best friend Tommy Quinn decides the only way to get his mind off of it is to take a drug-fueled, death defying journey into the sweaty black heart of darkness that is Mexicali," reads the synopsis. "This is not Tijuana, this is not your father's Mexico. Things turn beyond twisted when they meet a back alley tour guide named 'The Mexican Cowboy,' who takes them down the rabbit hole, that is the seediest parts of Mexicali."

Tyler, who plays a character named Kasape Suka, can be glimpsed in the new Happy Birthday trailer, which you can check out above for a glimpse of the shenanigans the two get into, including "cock fights, shamans and a makeshift strip club called 'Chocho Fuego.'" Things quickly take a turn for the worse after they follow some girls to an out-of-the-way hotel. "Sex games, drugs, torture, eventually held for ransom by the Mexican drug cartel," concludes the synopsis. "How did Brady's birthday dream turn into his worst nightmare?"

It isn't known how briefly Tyler appears in the film, but he's seen enough of it to tell Twitter followers it's a "crazy f*#@n movie." Keep an eye out for it this fall — and watch for Tyler on the road this summer in support of his new album We're All Somebody From Somewhere.

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