Stevie Nicks opens the door wide on her past drug use, especially her cocaine habit. Readers of Rolling Stone get a glimpse of the Fleeetwood Mac Legend at a time she admits: "All of us were drug addicts."

Stevie's new cover story is candid and revealing.

 "but there was a point where I was the worst drug addict."

"I was a girl, I was fragile, and I was doing a lot of coke," she said.

Tom Petty, a friend of Stevie's shares his thoughts about the Chanteuse in the Rolling Stone article.

"I was very worried about her,” Petty reveals. “To the point that if the phone did ring and they said, 'Stevie died,' I wouldn't have been surprised.”

Stevie eventually went to rehab for cocaine. It was a plastic surgeon that delivered the news she would die if she continued to use coke.

 "I had that hole in my nose. So it was dangerous," she explained in the recent interview.

She has since given up the hard drugs, however admits she stills smokes some pot.

"When I'm writing, I will allow myself to smoke a little bit of pot," she added. "It's my one little thing that I can do. I use it as a tool, and I'm very careful, you know? And I get results. However, if I thought it was going to lead me back to something worse, I'd stop."


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