Brothers Mickey and Sam were enjoying a cruise around the neighborhood when they spotted fire coming out of a house’s garage. The two brothers ran up to the door, banging on it to alert the family inside. Fortunately the family got out just in time and now, the two brothers are being hailed as heroes. Oh, Mickey and Sam were also high.

A reddit user claiming to know Mickey and Sam posted the video online, and it was there that everyone knew these two youths had smoked up. It was quite apparent when they told the interviewer “We were driving around in circles… havin’ a good time… listening to Led Zeppelin… summertime.”

Watch the news report here and tell us if you think these two “ordinary teenagers” weren’t high or not.

High or not, Mickey and Sam definitely deserve the accolades for saving the lives of the family inside. As for whether they got into trouble for smoking up, we guess the authorities are going to let this one slide.

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