Stay The Night In A Wyoming Tree House
Remember when you were a kid and the idea of a tree house was the coolest? Now you're an adult and the idea of a tree house, well it's still the coolest.
No matter your age, you still have a chance to spend a night in a Wyoming tree house...
Colorado Man Raises Fun Bar At Utah Hotels
"If it's not too much trouble could you build a fort out of pillows? It's definitely not for a 28-year-old male," - UPI
Average guy Sean Fitzsimons of Denver, frequently travels to Utah for his job and he came up with a great way to add some fun to his trips, by making odd…
Stealing Hotel Towels Becomes Thing Of The Past
Stealing hotel towels dates back to Fred & Wilma Flintstone checking into the 1st No-tel Motel.  Now, in 2015, I'm sad to say technology is here to RUIN the practice.
Technology is now making it harder for you to steal towels from hotels.  ...

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