Yeah staying in a hotel is great and all, but what if you could stay in your home away from home for a pretty cheap price in the cowboy state?

I was looking for hotels and cheap places to stay in Wyoming recently just looking for places that I haven't been to yet but would like to visit at some point. That's when I found this site that you can list your property on and treat it like a hotel.

Take photos of the inside and list some popular attractions in the surrounding area and put a price tag on how much you would charge someone to stay there for a night. (Some as cheap as $40 a night.)

You can even set a minimum and maximum time that people can rent it out for. Sounds like a really neat idea right? Check out when you feel like getting out of your home town for a little while and experience a different side of the cowboy state. Or put your home on there and let people enjoy something a little different than your typical hotel.

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