If You’ve Had An Older iPhone, You May Be Entitled to Money
The title of this article might sound like the opening to a Brown & Crouppen law firm commercial or perhaps one that sounds even more hacky like Johnson & McLawsuit or something, but it's true. If you have had an older iPhone in recent years, some money may be coming your way.
New App Helps To Make Music
Apple has just released a new app for musicians, called Music Memos.  It's pretty crazy how it works.  You can record music into your iPhone, just like with Voice Memos, and then the app plays it back with drums and bass.  It turns your idea into a complete song on the …
Get The Most From Your iPhone
Steve Cooper
We have an amazing tool in our smartphones. Its cutting edge technology capable of connecting us to points around the world, accessing the great knowledge bases of mankind, accessing life saving information and staying close to our family and friends that we hold near and dear in ou…
An iPhone Trick You Might Not Know About [VIDEO]
I have an iPhone 4s and I still don't know all the things that this phone is capable of doing. Then today I stumbled upon a pretty cool trick and I've been asking around the office and no one knew you could do this with their iPhone and I'm guessing you might not know about it either…

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