The title of this article might sound like the opening to a Brown & Crouppen law firm commercial or perhaps one that sounds even more hacky like Johnson & McLawsuit or something, but it's true. If you have had an older iPhone in recent years, some money may be coming your way.

If you had any of the following iPhones before December 2017; iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, SE, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, then you may be entitled to a portion of the $500 million class-action lawsuit brought against Apple for having a continuously slowing iOS system. And your portion of the settlement is the lump sum of approximately $25.

You can claim your money by going to and typing in the serial number of your slow phone.

Unfortunately for me, last fall, I traded in my 6S Plus that moved terribly slow whenever I upgraded to the now current iPhone 11, so I no longer have access to the serial number. My chance to cash in on those $25 sailed as my eyes were glazed over by the impressive speed, features, and the fact that I don't need a home button on my iPhone to navigate it. Do I regret not being able to cash in on the $25? Absolutely! Would I let it happen again? Probably.

Therefore, don't miss your chance to snag your settlement money if you've had one of those older iPhone. Unless of course you had a super old iPhone (older than the iPhone 6), which at this point in time, is now on par with the likes of the Zack Morris cell phone in Saved By the Bell minus the gargantuan size...Okay, maybe it's not that old, but it might as well be. If it's older than an iPhone 6, do you even have texting? Was that invented yet? Obviously, I'm just being facetious and making fun of the fact that you're out $25 for not upgrading. That is unfortunate.

For those of you who are able to cash in on your $25, make it happen. It can buy a lot of things in a pandemic, like beer, or a DoorDash order, Enjoy and cheers!

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