Police are asking businesses to be on the lookout and encouraging anyone with information to step forward after a number of counterfeit bills were found in the middle of East Second Street on Wednesday afternoon.

Officers on patrol noticed a number of cars parked along the 5000 Block of E. 2nd St. and saw people running in the middle of the street, picking things up off the ground. As it turns out, they were retrieving counterfeit bills from the roadway.

"We don't know how these counterfeit bills landed in the middle of East 2nd Street in Casper and we don't know why," the Casper Police Department said in a Facebook post. "But what we do know is this - the "money" is fake and we HIGHLY SUGGEST you don't try to use it. Primarily because, it's against the law."

Police are urging local businesses to be cautious with cash payments. Officers primarily noticed $5 bills at the scene, but they can't be sure whether other denominations of counterfeit cash were present. Any business that would like help authenticating bills can call the police department.

The counterfeit bills differ from authentic cash in their weight and texture. The counterfeit bills also have a pink hue and are missing the security strip.

Anyone who happened to scrounge some of the fake cash is asked to turn the bills in to police at 201 North David Street.

Anyone who knows the source of the counterfeit money is asked to call police at 235-8278.

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