There are trips that are bucket list trips for some folks. Like going to all the National Parks, hitting every major league or minor league baseball stadium, climbing mountains all over the world or following historic trails like the Oregon Trail, the Old Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway.

A YouTuber whose name is Jacob, but goes by the handle 'The Carpetbagger', has been on some pretty cool trips. Just recently he finished up his journey across the country following the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway has been ran for over 3,000 miles from New York City all the way to Oregon and was the first road to connect the east coast with the west coast. The section that runs through Wyoming is U.S. Highway 30 that runs with I-80 in southern Wyoming.

Along that route, Jacob stopped an toured many locations all across the country, but some of the most interesting was here in Wyoming.

His stops in Wyoming included

He spent the majority of his video in Rawlins, where he toured the Wyoming Frontier Prison. The prison was in use from 1901 - 1981, housed many prisoners over that time and even carried out 14 death sentences. 9 by hanging and 5 by the gas chamber, which Jacob spends some time checking out and even sitting in the chair.

If you're looking for a quick road trip, follow The Carpetbagger's lead and check out southern Wyoming. There are some pretty cool spots to see.

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