NoCantFant is a YouTuber who loves to travel. A self-proclaimed nomad, he journeys across America and shares not only his thoughts and impressions of each city and state, but gorgeous video footage as well.

When I came across his video about Wyoming I was a bit apprehensive.

Before coming here he talked to a "Native Wyomingite" who gave him the "inside scoop".

NoCantFant was told we have fireworks, bars, and racist people.


Thankfully NoCantFant decided to take a look at Wyoming anyway and form his own impressions.

NoCantFant had every Wyoming experience possible, from almost running out of gas to sunshine and snow in the same ten minutes, he really experienced all that we have to offer. As you can see NoCantFant fell in love with Wyoming's "vast beauty" and according to him Teton National Park is "sexier" than Yellowstone.

His drone footage at the end is phenomenal and I think you'll agree with me that NoCantFant is welcome to back to Wyoming anytime.

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