There is only one day a year when winter is allowed to thrive with no complaints. That day is Christmas. Since it is no longer the holiday season, my tolerance for snow has vanished almost completely. There are things I enjoy in winter, but they are few and most of them are just finding ways to not be outside. I should also designate myself as the resident "Cold-Wimp". Every house has at least one person who hates everything about being cold to the fullest extent. These are your "Cold-Wimps", and they will relate to and probably add to this list. 

To The People Who Enjoy Being Cold- 

I'm talking to the kids who wore basketball shorts in a snow storm, the people crazy enough to ski stark naked. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND YOU. There is no way in God's green earth that you feel cold like I do. When any piece of my body is exposed to cold, it becomes stiff and useless. The cold burns before it numbs, and even when I'm not being overdramatic it is still MAD uncomfortable.  

My closest friend from childhood was a basketball shorts kid. He would Laugh at me as I was dressed to climb Mt. Everest while his shins were exposed to feet of snow. How is that comfortable? You guys don't have to pretend to be tough, you no longer have to pretend to enjoy the bitter cold. We won't judge you. It's hard on all of us.   

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