In the wake of criminal charges being announced in the fatal accident involving K2 Radio personality Brian Scott Gamroth, there has been a lot of buzz and speculation, particularly on social media.

Brian's family has issued a statement in response to some of the comments both in the press and online.

Here is the statement in it's entirety...


RE: Brian Scott Gamroth

First and foremost, the Gamroth family would like to thank the people of Casper as well as all the organizations, friends and colleagues who have supported them over these most difficult last few months. The generous offers of help, tributes, and community involvement have been incredibly heartwarming and much appreciated.

As beautiful as the outpouring of support has been, please know the family values its privacy.  Understandably the family will need time to work through the grieving and legal process.

The recent revelation of criminal charges in Brian’s accident was news to the community, as it was to the family.   The family did not ask the State of Montana to pursue these charges and was not involved in the decision to prosecute Mr. Spicer.  The prosecutor in Montana independently reviewed the case file and asked the Court that criminal charges be filed.  The family was contacted only after the charges were filed.  We also know that that the prosecutor’s office will not comment on pending criminal cases unless required by Montana Law.  

Brian’s death has obviously been emotional for many. It has garnered a great deal of dialogue, not only in person, but on social media.  Consequently, there has been misinformation and rumor spread about the accident, the charges, and the parties involved. This sort of speculation and hearsay is NOT fair to Brian, Mr. Spicer, nor their families. Information is still being gathered and it would be inappropriate to comment one way or the other until all the facts are known.

Thank you.

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