He was the best known broadcast personality in the city, perhaps the state. For us, he was a colleague. And for virtually everyone he helped, knew, supported or just came into contact with, he was a friend.

And he was taken from us too soon.

So today, his family, friends and virtually the whole city said their goodbyes to Brian Scott Gamroth.

A remembrance was held for Brian at the Shrine Temple in Casper, one of the many groups he lent his support to. And then with a police escort leading the way, a procession wound it's way through the city he loved, past the place he worked for the last 23 years, and on to his final rest.

Our colleagues from the press and just average citizens, lined the the rain-soaked streets of Casper to pay their final respects. The group of motorcyclists known as the Patriot Guard Riders were a part of the escort along with many others.

And then, it was over.

Brian will be remembered on Monday at a gathering at the Casper Events Center, as politicians, and other leaders in the community share their memories.

But today, the man himself made his last trip through the city. But it won't be the same city without Brian Scott's friendly voice every morning, and his helping hand to all who needed it.


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