The Riverton Police Department is investigating two unrelated incidents about three deceased individuals, Police Chief Eric Murphy said Saturday.

"We are investigating one as a suicide, and then the other one with the two deceased bodies we are treating as suspicious at this point, and investigating it as a suspicious death," Murphy said.

Police initially thought the incidents were related because the initial reports came almost simultaneously about 12:30 p.m., he said.

The suicide was at a hotel in the 400 block of North Federal Boulevard, and the two other deaths occurred in a residence in the 1100 block of East Main Street, Murphy said.

He did not know yet if the two people in the residence were related, he said.

The two deaths are "suspicious," and Murphy said he could not explain that in any further detail at this time.

It also has called the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation for assistance, and it has not taken over the case deemed "suspicious," he said. A Riverton police officer is on a DCI task force, which enables the police department to use the Division's equipment, he added.

The police and DCI were using equipment to make a three-dimensional scan and model of the house including interior rooms and their contents, Murphy said.

The Department also called in all staff including administrative staff, detectives and crime scene technicians.

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office is assisting with calls for service.

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