The deceased can now finally rest in peace while still being entertained.  A Swedish man has designed a coffin that has built in surround sound speakers that will play music controlled by living family members.  Ok?

Music and video equipment store owner Fredrik Hjelmquist designed the coffin as a way to provide solace for grieving friends and relatives by enabling them to control the deceased's playlist online.  Hjelmquist plans to be buried in a "hi-fi" coffin, and would choose opera for his long sleep. He has not sold any of his coffins, but there have been many enquiries, he added.  The price is a hefty 199,000 Swedish crowns, which translates into $30,700 U.S. currency.  "We've had an unbelievable amount of inquiries, not so much in Sweden, but many from the United States and Canada, also from Taiwan," Hjelmquist said.  "Ozzy Osbourne should buy one I think or Keith Richards. Somebody ought to do it because this is really rock n' roll I think...but at the same time beautiful."

Would you like to have one of these "hi-fi" coffins as your eternal resting place?  Would you get one for a family member?

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