The Hippy hit the road to Glendo State Park for some Walleye fishing and found the "eyes" to be very finicky, "You can have fun for 20 minutes, then you're wondering where did they go for the rest of the day?"

The flip side is a great week of catches that make you feel like you've figured out the "eyes" only to be reduced to feeling like a beginner again. Persistence pays off, the Hippy recommends getting out often trying everything to figure out a pattern.

The last four years have taught some valuable lessons about the elusive walleye. Make sure you use a variety of plastic baits. The Hippy says 1/8 ounce jig heads are good choice for these baits at this depth. Tube jigs, swim baits, curly tail grubs, minnows and worms work just as well. Colors include whites, pink, black and blues.

Berkley makes some really good jigs and the and they're available at Sportsmans Warehouse, Rocky Mountain Discounts Sports, Wal-Mart andSloanes at Alcova.

When using crank baits look for smaller body's in natural colors and you want to pick ones that dive anywhere from 3' to 10'. Berkley makes wonderful flicker shad, wally divers, rapalas of many different sizes, shapes and colors are available too.

The Hippy says "this time of year is good for many of the aforementioned baits and should be used in shallow (2-10 feet)water." Make sure you're "feeling" the bottom at all times for better success and retie if you see abrasions on you line.

Most of the walleye fishermen and women use jig heads of all colors and sizes this time of year, tipping with live minnows or leaches. This is often the best way to get a bite. The fish are finishing up the spawn soon and the other baits mentioned will begin to come into play more and more. On his outing to Glendo the 'Hippy' used the Berkley Flicker Shad  that he purchased out his way out. Only four males were caught, but they were hitting hard when the right spot was discovered.

The Hippy wishes you good luck on your next outing. Remember to preserve our wild outdoor places and keep on fishing!