Have you ever gone through a Wyoming car wash? This video was shot near Jackson. Here the big horn sheep lick the salt from cars. The animals line up to “clean” each auto. Some call this a Wyoming car wash. What if our experiences in nature and with wildlife had Yelp reviews? Maybe this video would get a review like these.

This post is in regards to your car wash I recently experienced when I visited Jackson, Wyoming. It was such a nice treat to get the rental car washed. More surprising was the car wash was open in the winter time. I guess you Wyoming folk are used to the cold. The staff was nice but they did butt heads with each other and were pushy. My only real complaint was we tried to return the next day, and the car wash WAS NOT THERE! Maybe like a food truck, you guys need a Facebook page so your customers can know where to find you. At the end of my visit, I even tried to give the washer a tip, but they didn’t except. He was happy just doing his job. You can’t hire help like that. – Five Starts from Betty Tourist


Your car wash sucks!!! I waited in line forever. Then they only cleaned half of my car. The side they did clean was not done well. There were swipe marks all over. I will not return. – One Star from Frumpy Jones.


I’ve been to this car wash several times in spring and winter. The experience was delightful, although I would not recommend while on a motorcycle. The attendant ate my boot. Can someone replace that for me? – Four Stars from Benthere Donhat

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