44 years ago this week, on September 14, 1975, Fleetwood Mac came to Casper on their first tour with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, headlining a legendary concert at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds. Tickets were $6 with no service charges or "convenience fees".

It was only the 44th show for the recently revamped band, who recruited Nicks and Buckingham in 1974 to jump-start stagnant album sales. After Johnny Rivers and Sugarloaf warmed up the crowd, Fleetwood Mac took the stage, debuting several new songs that would soon become classic rock anthems. The 18-song setlist included "Rhiannon", "Landslide", and "Say You Love Me", along with several updated songs from their previous incarnation as a blues-based jam band.

"We played constantly, and everywhere, places like Casper, Wyoming," Stevie Nicks recalled in the 2016 book Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac: Interviews and Encounters. "People were so wonderful and gave us such positive vibes."

Diehard Fleetwood Mac fans also remember the Casper concert for Stevie's cowgirl-themed outfit, which included a white blouse, white dress, and silver belt. Several phots from the concert have resurfaced in recent years on Pinterest and other social media sites. Over four decades later, their performance at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds was the first and last time the band ever played in the Cowboy State.

Lane Klungness, Townsquare Media
Lane Klungness, Townsquare Media

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