For Carmelo Anthony's homecoming to the Pepsi Center last night, there were a mix of emotions... most of which, by the sound of the crowd, were negative. Anthony's trade caused quite the stir in the NBA,especially in Denver, the city where he was drafted to as the 3rd pick in round 1 in 2003.

With all the emotions and Denver riding high on 9 consecutive victories, this battle was serious for both sides. The Nuggets were prepared and being tied for the best home winning record in the NBA, New York was at a disadvantage in the Mile High City.

The Nuggets out scored the Knicks in the first three quarters, completely stepping away in the 3rd. Melo leaving after aggravating a previous injury and losing Tyson Chandler to an injury in the same game, ultimately spelled disaster for the already struggling Knicks. By the time the smoke cleared, every single person on the Nuggets team had scored at least once, with multiple players in double digits.

Wilson Chandler, an ex-Knick, lead the way with 24 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals, while the Manimal, Kenneth Faried added yet another double double to his already superb record, scoring 11 points, 10 rebounds and 2 beautiful blocks for good measure. The Nuggets have now won 10 straight games. Tomorrow night they'll be back at home to duke it out with the Memphis Grizzles as they jockey for playoff position.

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