I would never lie to you about the things I love and hate to eat. Please don't judge me for not liking corned beef & cabbage. It's just not something that I personally enjoy. But there are a ton of people around the world who absolutely love it, and have personalized the recipe in some pretty unique ways.

Here are the best places in Casper to grab some corned beef and cabbage this weekend to celebrate St. Patricks' day.

1. Your moms' house hands down the best place I promise

2. Galloways Pub

3. Grant Street Groceries

4. The Office Bar & Grill

5. Wyoming Ale Works

6. The Silver Fox

7. Johnny J's Diner

8. J's Pub & Grill

9. Keg & Cork

10. Fire Rock

The number one place that I would recommend is your mom's house, go see her and enjoy some homemade corned beef & cabbage!


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