I've always grown up and been surrounded with very supportive people. Not just supportive to me but to those who were different as well. My mother worked with special needs kids in the school district in Casper.

Due to that fact, I've always been really great friends with kids who have special needs and their families in Casper. I've put together this list of some of the things those families should hear more often because of the hard work and dedication they put forth to do what some think is such an easy task.

1. You are a superhero. In the infamous words of Mr. Stan Lee, I think superheroes are bigger than life and very colorful.- www.abilities.com

2. You won't always get it right. But you know what? No parents get it right. My parents have 3 kids and they will tell you if they did have a fourth they'd still make mistakes.

3. Keep your sense of humor. Honestly, I've met so many families and kids that have the greatest sense of humor and it is the most heartwarming thing to see when they are all together cracking jokes and laughing about their day.

4. Make time for your marriage. There is a good friend of mine named VJ and I remember every month his parents would ask me to come over and hang out with him. First reason being, he is my friend. The second reason being they need a break every now and again. Let's face it kids drive you up the wall no matter the age!

5. You are not alone. I find this one to be a very powerful one. There are so many people that I've met who love to help and be there in any way possible to help those families because they are so special and find a very special place in your heart. I can remember several days where coming into work at The Arc Of Natrona County was not a chore. I got to hang out and teach and learn with some of the best people in Casper.

I encourage you to take these 5 things and run with them to keep you and your family going. If you need any more inspiration take a look at a longer list Abilities.com to remind you of how important you are to your kiddo and what special things they have brought into this world!

Zachary Custard
Zachary Custard

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