Three people were arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning after they allegedly tried to run from police.

Tamara F. Roberts, 20, was booked into jail on recommended charges of interference, meth possession and marijuana possession.

Tristan H. Chase, 20, was booked on recommended charges of interference and marijuana possession.

Daniel W. Dorf, 19, was booked on recommended charges of interference, meth possession, eluding, running a red light, running a stop sign and driving with a suspended license.

Charging documents say at about 12:23 a.m. Saturday, a Casper police officer was patrolling the area of East 12th Street and South Durbin, when he saw a red car with a registration light that was not working. The officer turned his overhead lights and tried to stop the car.

The car, which was registered to Roberts, accelerated away from the officer's patrol vehicle and headed south on Durbin at a high rate of speed. The red car reportedly ran a stop sign at 13th, then ran a red light at 15th.

The officer turned his overhead lights off and gave up the chase near 15th and Durbin, but he "paralleled" the car and saw it turn north onto South Ash Street. He followed the car and found it pulled over to the side of the road, where three people -- later identified as Dorf, Roberts and Chase -- get out and take off running.

The three suspects ran east into a backyard, and the officer followed. The suspects jumped a fence and continued east on 15th. The officer eventually caught up with Chase in an alley between David and Ash, where Chase was taken into custody.

Chase told the officer that she didn't know the man who had been driving the red car, but she did know Roberts. Chase claimed the man who had been driving -- Dorf -- made the decision to run from the police.

A wallet with Dorf's Wyoming identification card inside was found in the driver-side door of the red car. After being shown Dorf's photo, Chase confirmed Dorf had been driving.

A small bag of marijuana was allegedly found on Chase's person.

Officers found two purses in the backyard where the three suspects had been running. Inside one purse, which contained Roberts's driver's license, police found marijuana wax and marijuana bud as well as a glass marijuana pipe and a scale.

While the purses were being searched, Dorf and Roberts were arrested. Dorf reportedly had a glass meth pipe on his person at the time of his arrest.